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MALE - Bioidentical HRT Pellets

MALE - Bioidentical HRT Pellets

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Bioidentical pellets and hormones refer to a type of hormone replacement therapy that uses hormones derived from plant sources that are identical in chemical structure to the hormones produced by the human body. The hormones are usually delivered in the form of subcutaneous pellets that are inserted just under the skin, providing a steady and consistent release of hormones into the bloodstream.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is marketed as a natural and more individualized alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapy using synthetic hormones. This improves overall health and energy.

The primary goal of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is to restore and maintain a healthy hormone balance. To accomplish this, a variety of therapeutic treatments can be used to balance your hormones and improve your quality of life.

HRT is available in pellets, patches, gels, injections, and more. Our provider will work with you to assess which option is best for your lifestyle and individual needs.

Initial Consult: $200

MALE Pellet Insertion Appointments: $850

Post-Insertion Pellets

-Your insertion site will be covered with two layers of bandages. Remove the outer pressure bandage any time after 24 hours. It MUST be removed as soon as it gets wet. You may replace it with a bandage strip, to catch any anesthetic that may ooze out. The inner layer is a waterproof Steri Strip this should be removed after day 3.

-We recommend putting an ice pack on the insertion site a couple of times during the day for about 20 minutes.

-DO NOT TAKE A BATH or get into a hot tub or swimming pool for 3 days. You may shower but do not scrub the site until the incision is well healed (about 7 days)

-NO sweating during exercise for 3 days after pellet insertion (running/riding a horse etc.)

-The insertion site may be uncomfortable for 2-3 weeks. If there is any redness or itching, you may take Benadryl for relief.

-You may notice pinkish or bloody discoloration from the outer bandage, this is normal.


Post-insertion blood work needs to be completed at 6 weeks after insertion- you will need an appointment to review labs with Dr. Botha, this will not be completed with the nurse.

Most patients will need pellets placed again every 3-4 months. Initially we do 10-12 weeks then after that we go by the individual patient.  Most women are ever 10-12 weeks.  Most men are between 3-5 months.

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